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Title: Welcome to Games at A Glance
Post by: Red Wins! on June 25, 2010, 03:33:11 PM
This is the place to check on our regularly scheduled events.  You will find the day and time of the events we offer as well as posts for our other events that happen throughout the year.  

Be sure to check back on a regular basis as more games and more gaming groups schedule their open (anybody can play) events.  If you see a game you like - come and play.  If you're new to gaming - come and give it a try (you might just like it).  Our players are friendly and always looking for new people to join them; whether it be a card game or a miniatures campaign with Warhammer or 40K, Warmachine and the like.  If you enjoy miniature games such as Heroclix, Monsterpocalypse, Star Wars, Deathwatch... come on down!  If you're interested in either regular role-playing or live action role-playing - I'm sure we have a group for you.

If you already have a group that you play with but would like a place to play - we have that as well.  Gaming rooms are available upon request.  Simply PM me (Red Wins!) to let me know when and how much space you'll need and I'll set you up.

The main thing we want is for everyone to have fun!

And as always... Red Wins!